Moda Jelly Roll Race

How many times have you thought to yourself: “I am not creative enough or have time to make a quilt?” Well, now you can watch two teams of quilters compete to finish two unique, fabulous, quilt tops in just 30 minutes.

You will learn how a “Jelly Roll” (a roll of long strips of fabric, donated by Moda FabricsJelly_Roll_Quilt for this show, only 2 1/2” wide with changing patterns and designs) can be used to create a unique quilt top.  Please cheer on the team of your choice, while you learn.

Once the quilt tops are finished they will be made into finished quilts and donated to the Asheville Quilt Guild outreach activity “Community Quilts.”

We hope that seeing what you can do with just a simple sewing machine will encourage you to make a quilt!  The two photos show a typical “jelly roll” quilt and a classic sewing machine with the beginning of a jelly roll under the needle.

Kids Sewing Station

A new children’s activity specifically geared to allow kids the experience of creating a project, start to finish. Children, 5-16, can participate in this free activity; learn about color theory, use a sewing machine and complete a pillow. Volunteers will be available to guide your child through the process, and we ask that you remain with your sewer for the 30 minute project.

Children_table_V5 Front_Pillow Pillow_Chair